The Engagement and Performance Operations Center (EPOC) is a production platform for operations, applied training, monitoring, and research and education support.

About EPOC

Over the last decade, the scientific community has experienced an unprecedented shift in the way research is performed and how discoveries are made. Highly sophisticated experimental instruments are creating massive datasets for diverse scientific communities and hold the potential for new insights that will have long-lasting impacts on society. However, scientists cannot make effective use of this data if they are unable to move, store, and analyze it.

The Engagement and Performance Operations Center was established in 2018 as a collaborative focal point for operational expertise and analysis and is jointly lead by Indiana University (IU) and the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet). EPOC will enable researchers to routinely, reliably, and robustly transfer data through a holistic approach to understanding the full pipeline of data movement to better support collaborative science.

Jennifer M. Schopf, PhD

Jennifer M. Schopf, PhD

Director of International Networks

About Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer M. Schopf is the director of International Networks at Indiana University and Director of the Engagement and Performance Operations Center. Schopf leads a $4M per year program supporting both domestic and international science engagement to improve research outcomes. Her projects support the use of transoceanic networks to Europe, Africa, and Asia, with a focus on measurement, monitoring, and advocacy for end users. Prior to this, she was a program officer at the US National Science Foundation (NSF), a founding member of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Ocean Informatics team, and a senior member of the Globus distributed software team. Her research focuses on end-to-end performance prediction and user requirements gathering, primarily in distributed systems with relation to large-scale data use.